Opportunities in Egypt for UNC Students and Alumni

There are many unique opportunities for international experience in Egypt, including TESOL (teaching English as second language) for young teachers and hundreds of internships, including the one posted below:

From: Arab West Report <info@cawu.org>
Subject: Internships

Internships at the Center for Arab-West Understanding

We are proud that the Center for Arab-West Understanding has become the largest internship provider in Egypt in the number of hours that interns spend working with us. The geographic diversity of interns we receive is tremendous: Egyptian, European, north-American, Asians and Australians. The diversity is also found at our Center in the differences in beliefs these interns bring  with them. CAWU is proud to have hosted Christian, Muslim, Jewish, agnostic, atheist interns and even once a Bahai despite sensitivies around Bahais in Egypt! Interns, regardless of their cultural and religious backgrounds, are most welcome with us. It is sharing and accepting differences and seeing where we are similar. Our interns contribute to a unique database, either through writing articles, making (summary) translations of Arabic articles, data entry and various activities that bring people of diverse backgrounds together. Interns at CAWU learn to be wary of generalizations and see how diverse, and therefore interesting, Egyptian culture is. We are pleased present you hereby Dina Bouchkouch’s introduction of herself and her motivation to contribute to a more open world.

– Cornelis Hulsman, Deputy Chairman Center for Arab-West Understanding

Introducing new CAWU Intern Dina Bouchkouch

Hi I’m Dina, student in foreign languages – English Arabic – at Bordeaux Montaigne University in France (South West). I’m 24, I’m bicultural as I have both the French and Moroccan nationalities but I consider myself as a citizen of the world; we should be home wherever the heart is. I love yoga, photography, travelling—especially in the Middle-East but also languages. French is my mother tongue. I’m fluent in English and have basics in Spanish, Arabic, and I recently begun studying Russian. Meeting, listening and exchanging with new people is kind of a hobby to me, but I also like to take time for myself.


In June, I will be a graduate in Foreign Languages; my degree goes through the English and Arabic civilizations. As a part of my programme of study, I had translation, summarizing, economy, law and international relations classes, I really enjoyed this degree because of its wide aspect.


Before beginning university I did a gap year, I volunteered in Jordan for 6 months, with the European Volunteer Service program. My main activities were teaching English and organizing games with young girls in Mukhayam Gaza Camp, Jerash – close to Amman. After my time of volunteering in Jordan, I went to Cairo as an intern with Aiesec, helping girls with their homework. I’m really interested in the field of humanitarianism, that’s why I’m part of the organization in France called In Peace Event. I was one of the members responsible for the Saturday charity drive, helping homeless people by talking with them, giving them food, hot beverages, and clothes. Now that I’m in Cairo, I am involved with more administrative duties.


I decided to apply for an internship at Arab West Report (AWR) because, in the framework of my degree, I need to accomplish at least a one month internship. I do believe my Arabic needs to be improved, and I wanted to improve my English as well – AWR gives me this framework. Moreover, I’ll contribute to the database  with the added plus of being able to engage in intercultural and interfaith exchanges. Thus, I will be able to learn more about cultural and religious pluralism. Being open to others and accepting of their differences is of really pressing need in the world we live in, where diversity is strength. I want to be a part of this process: we can’t merely inhabit the same world, we need to build it together. This process begins with going to people and exchanging with them. I do believe that the Center for Arab-West Understanding (CAWU) shares and promotes these values, which is why I wanted to be part of the organization.